Business & Corporate Law

Gordon, Dana & Gilmore is a full-service law firm representing its clients in all facets of litigation and transactional needs. Most companies and their owners must deal with litigation at some point. In many of these situations, legal action may be necessary to make sure your business is protected. Our law firm offers comprehensive representation throughout the duration of your legal matter. We assist businessContinue reading

Business Litigation

Our Firm represents companies and individuals in litigation that arises in any area of business, corporate, employment, real estate, trust, or securities law. Whether trying cases to juries in Federal or State court or to a panel of arbitrators or participating in mediation, our litigation attorneys are well equipped to handle your needs and achieve a successful result in as cost-efficient manner as possible.

Commercial Lending

Whether you are a lender or a borrower, our commercial lending lawyers can help guide you through the process. Our clients include

High Asset / Profile Divorce

Making the decision to pursue a divorce is almost never an easy one to make. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when determining the best course of action for yourself and your spouse. Unfortunately, this is one issue that doesn’t get easier as time goes on. Even once you make the decision to divorce, in other words, you are likely toContinue reading

Investment / Stockbroker Fraud

Financial stability is the end goal for many people. To this end, they often think through their investments carefully before making the decision to commit. And, when they do decide to commit, they tend to seek out experienced professionals to ensure that their investment is as low-risk and high-yielding as possible. Imagine how incredibly devastating a betrayal by such an individual would be. On aContinue reading


When people think of a legal matter that is handled by attorneys, they tend to envision a courtroom with a judge presiding over the case. In reality, often times mediation is the best way to go in order to settle disputes and end cases quickly and fairly. That doesn’t mean that the courtroom has no place in these cases, but it does mean that mediationContinue reading

Real Estate

Our Firm represents buyers and sellers of real estate and lenders making loans secured by real estate, in transactions both simple and complex. We also routinely represent borrowers in the negotiations of real estate transactions and have substantial experience in counseling banks and other public and private lenders in connection with the documentation and closing of a variety of types of secured transactions.

Tax Law

Tax planning and tax issues play an important part in business. Because most transactions have some sort of tax implication, our Firm offers a variety of tax planning services. Our attorneys regularly counsel clients and their CPA’s with respect to tax planning and issues, both individually and in business transactions, including advising clients on federal, state and local tax matters. We provide consultation for andContinue reading